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Welcome to my collection of beautifully designed and individually hand painted silk scarves. I can help you to find the perfect scarf for your requirements, whether a bespoke commissioned design or from a surprisingly affordable range. You can be confident that your choice of scarf will be a big success and to prove it, I offer you a "no quibble" exchange policy to put your mind at rest.

 I use the best quality, lustrous silks that are all hand rolled. I paint with the best French silk dyes with colours that are extraordinarily vibrant, last for life and are hand  washable.

I don't replicate by printing or use a silk screen, I just use my paint brush to create each scarf as an original. They are the perfect choice for you to treat yourself, a loved one or friends as a thoughtful and beautiful gift. I am happy to personalise any piece I paint for you, by adding a message or name to it.

 My scarves are inspired by the beauty of nature, the drama  of our landscapes and the wildness of our seas. I am excited to share my unique creations with you, they come from the heart and you can tell.

The Nature Collection

My love of nature and the great outdoors is encapsulated by this collection of scarves. I want to share some of my adventures and experiences with you, which are represented in my exciting designs. The beauty of our planet makes me happy and I aim to make you happy too, when wearing one of my scarves.

The Flower Collection

My celebration of the fleeting beauty of these wonderful gifts of flowers that are given to us (and bees). These amazing delights of colour and scent are there for us to marvel at and to bring joy into our lives. The more love and care that we lavish on them, the better they thrive, just like us.

The Silkscapes Collection

The sea breeze in your hair, the awe-inspiring skies, the excitement of hearing the rivers roaring off to the sea is the essence of the silkscapes. Being there, experiencing the now, and feeling so grateful to be a part of it all. Designed as Wearable Art, this collection is where I offer you works of art to elevate your wardrobe into something totally different and special. You never need to worry about turning up dressed the same as anyone else.

Classic Luxury Shawl

Think of the exquisite styles and fashions through the ages, the allure, the charisma and the excitement of a woman looking captivating and feeling at her most confident. Drape this shawl over your shoulders and you will feel the power of your own radiance. As Audrey Hepburn said “When I wear a silk scarf I never feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman”
I also offer a bespoke colour mixing service. 

" Hi Jane, the scarves have arrived today and they are absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for sending them through so quickly. Love them and fantastic service. I’m sure I’ll be back for more! "

Happy Customer - Claire

" I am the delighted recipient of the gorgeous "Red Shoes" scarf which was commissioned as a present. Your execution has made it a beautiful and totally covetable thing and I absolutely adore it. I shall wear it next week to the Gala performance of The Red Shoes at Sadler's Wells. Thank you for the obvious care, quality and attention to detail that went into making it. I shall take very good care of it! "

Happy Customer - Joan

" Just came home to your parcel, the scarf is just outstanding. Your skills and ability to capture people's spirit and essence without having met them. you are truly blessed with an extraordinary talent. If I could nominate you for an award I would. "

Happy Customer - Jennie

" Thanks Jane. The scarf was stunning and my son's girlfriend loved it. It ticked all the boxes, easy to post, stunning and very chic. This was her comment when she messaged me " an oversized Thank you for the wonderful surprise! I'll be wearing it with pride and hopefully some sense of style. "

Happy Customer - Jo

" This is amazing, I wasn’t expecting it to be so personal. This has changed from a simple gift idea into something that I know will mean the world to my mum. Thank you so much "

Happy Customer - Michaela