About the Process

There are 18 different stages to creating your special and unique scarf. When the scarves arrive, they have to be washed in hot water to thoroughly clean them and then be ironed. I pin into the hand rolled hems and stretch the scarves to my frames securing them with pins to make sure they are as taught as a drum.

I create the design on paper and then draw the design onto the scarf with gutta (a rubbery resist that stops the silk dyes from spreading) and let that dry. Then I have to “fix” the gutta by ironing it. Or I hand paint the design directly onto the silk, translating the design I have in my head into your lovely scarf.

Then, I use colour theory to help me to mix and blend all the beautiful dyes into my own colours. This bit is really great fun and a bit Harry Potterish with pipettes and drops of pure colour!

Then I am ready to paint the scarf with my beautifully mixed dyes and my paint brushes. Once painted, to “fix” the dyes I have to wrap the scarf in paper, wrap it around a cardboard cylinder and put it into my professional steamer and steam it for three hours. This alters the PH balance of the silk so I then have to immerse it into distilled vinegar to restore the PH balance. Then I rinse and rinse and rinse the scarf, wash it, iron it, package it and then post it out to you to love. That’s all there is to it!