About Silk

Silks are as different and varied as the women who wear them. The silks I use are all best quality and the hems are all hand rolled. Some silks float like a kiss of gossamer and some silks envelop you in their dramatic and beautifully draping magnificence.

These differences are created by how the silk is woven and how much silk is used in the weave. Silks have different names but there is always a number next to the name and then the letters mm. This doesn’t mean millimetres, it stands for Momme, the unit weight measurement of silk. I use several different silks with different weights and complexity of designs. I use an exquisite Ponge 5mm for the iridescent Kingfisher scarf which is just a whisp of silk. I use a fabulous Silk Charmeuse which weighs an amazing 20mm for the Shawls and is so fabulous, it has to be seen to be believed.  There are many different silk painting techniques that I use to create your beautiful scarf. I design scarves using one or two tec hniques that take three hours to create, some are very complex and use six or seven techniques and take a whole or even two days to create.

Some techniques I use require a higher degree of skill to accomplish, some are less complex, free hand designs on lighter silks. These differences contribute to the pricing of your chosen scarf or shawl. None are of a lesser quality, they just serve the different needs and requirements that we all have to create our fabulous and versatile wardrobes. I am always upfront and share with you the weight of the silk I am using. This means you can make informed decisions about your new scarf, understand the pricing structure, and be safe in the knowledge that you won’t be disappointed with what you are paying for.